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SolidWorks World Top Ten List Data

The table below contains a list of every Top Ten List idea presented at SolidWorks World since the List’s inception in the year 2001.

I’d like to populate the Implemented Feature column with links to community blog posts detailing and reviewing the new functionality. So if you’ve written a post about any of the features in the table below, please let me know, and I’ll add it to the list.

Don’t forget to check the Statistics page for more in-depth analysis of the progression of SolidWorks enhancements. If you can think of any additional stats you’d like to see, please let me know

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Most Requested Enhancement

Use ESC key or other fucntion to interrupt rebuild or other lengthy operations instantly [6 requests]

Longest Time to Implementation

Pattern a component pattern [Requested 2001, Implemented 2014]

2 Replies to “SolidWorks World Top Ten List Data”

  1. Alin says:

    Dan, a Purge command has been implemented in 2013 for configurations and in 2016 for features.

    1. MegaHertz604 says:

      Thanks Alin! I’ll update my data right now, and add you to the contributors list. If you or anyone else at Javelin Tech would like to try to help me fill in some more gaps, I’d appreciate it!

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