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What’s New in SolidWorks 2016: Chapter 4 – Installation


It all has to start somewhere…

Honorable Mentions

Graphics Card Validation

The first time you start SolidWorks 2016, and every time you install a service pack thereafter, you’ll be prompted to run system diagnostics to ensure your system – specifically your graphics card and driver – is compatible with the release of SolidWorks you’re running. If your driver is out of date, you’ll be able to quickly download and install the correct driver directly from SolidWorks’ collection of drivers.

Record Extended Logging Data

When using SolidWorks Rx Problem Capture, you now have the option to send even more data to SolidWorks Technical Support. By checking the box in the Capture Problem dialog box, you’ll be sending information on dick and CPU activity during your capture.


New Products Included in SolidWorks Standard

SolidWorks is providing the Utilities package and FeatureWorks with SolidWorks Standard installations at no extra charge! Rejoice! These add-ins were previously only available with SolidWorks Professional licenses or better.

SolidWorks Utilities includes over a dozen analysis, comparison, and troubleshooting tools to help you ensure your model is correct the first time, every time. From Geometry Compare – which is great for ensuring that your vendor’s part hasn’t diverged from your original model – to Feature Paint – which allows you to make sweeping changes to many features at once.

The FeatureWorks package provides users with various methods to convert an imported “dumb solid” to a parametric native SolidWorks model. While automatic feature recognition may not be suitable for more complex models, the correct application of manual mode can make quick work of a challenging conversion.

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