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What’s New in SolidWorks 2016: Chapter 3 – SolidWorks Fundamentals


You can’t spell fundamentals without “fun”! Or “incrementally improved error reporting functionality” apparently… Enjoy this grab-bag of miscellaneous enhancements across a wide range of SolidWorks products and platforms.

Honorable Mentions


SolidWorks’ CAD sharing portal just got a major overhaul. Not only does the color scheme and overall design now match SolidWorks 2016 (and the rest of the Dassault portfolio), but more importantly, the preview of 3DCC parts now works everywhere. 3DContent Central has finally moved to the WebGL-based eDrawings preview, which will work in all your favorite browsers, including (some) mobile. It also supports section views, exploded views, animations, and various display styles, just like the eDrawings you’re used to. The new 3DContentCentral is already live, so go check it out here.

Improved Error Report Box

Crashing is inevitable. Rather than showing the same crash dialog you always ignore, when SolidWorks 2016 crashes, it will instead show you a new dialog box, with more useful options to try to resolve your issue. You can now change and preview the error report that will be sent to DS SolidWorks. You can also immediately run the SolidWorks Rx Tool, and connect directly to tech support.

Quick Tip Removal

That obnoxious little box in the bottom right of your screen – you know, the one that says “how do you close me?” rather than actually providing a way to close it – has been removed. Instead, SolidWorks would like to refer you to the 125 built-in tutorials, and free training available on

Searching MySolidWorks

The search bar (in the top-right corner of your SolidWorks window) now includes an option to search all of the content on MySolidWorks. While searching, you can filter content to include any combination of

  • Knowledge Base articles
  • Forum posts
  • Blog posts
  • 3DContentCentral models
  • Training sessions
  • YouTube Videos
  • Twitter Posts
  • Manufacturers (not selected by default)


3D Printing Build Analysis

In 2016, SolidWorks continues to blur the line between design and reality by adding yet more seamless integration with 3D printers.

  • Preview Striation Lines: Nothing’s worse than waiting hours for your print to build, only to realize that the most important detail has been wiped away due to poor resolution. You can now preview that in SolidWorks 2016, to check what your part will look like after being built as a series of thin slices.
  • Identify Faces That Require Supports: Activating this analysis tool will highlight any faces that are at more than a specified angle from vertical. Most printers recommend adding support to faces with an angle greater than 45° to prevent the model from collapsing during printing.
  • Change Model Scale or Orientation to Fit Build Volume: You can change the scale of your model specifically for 3D printing without adding a Scale feature to the feature tree. You can choose to scale the model manually, or automatically scale the model to fit within the build volume of your printer. Additionally, you can select the Orient to Fit option to have SolidWorks automatically calculate the optimal part orientation, which will allow for the largest scale.

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