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What’s New in SolidWorks 2015 – Chapter 11: SolidWorks Electrical


The 2015 version of SolidWorks Electrical includes only a few enhancements, in addition to the powerful electrical design and routing tools that were introduced just a couple years ago.


Honorable Mentions

Connector Wizard

The Insert Connector command provides a quick and easy way to incorporate multiple connector types in the scheme design.

A new connector configuration option is also available. It allows you to create multiple connector style templates.

Routing Diagnostics

New commands provide diagnostic support for routing. The commands include:

  • Settings: Toggle the display of warnings or errors.
  • Routing analysis: Checks an assembly and displays all warnings or errors found inside an assembly.
  • Show path: Displays any warnings or errors about a path between two parts.


Managing User Rights

SolidWorks Electrical users can now be grouped into several new types of roles, with different levels of authorization to manage libraries and project data. Admins can use the brand new interface to set up and administer users and user groups, and define the tasks they can perform in the software.

The following user roles are available:

  • Administrator
  • Library Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Editor
  • Project Contributor

Previously, SolidWorks Electrical only supported two basic levels of user roles.


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