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What’s New in SolidWorks 2013 – Chapter 4: Administration


Chapter 4: Administration

Enhancements for the bosses.

Honorable Mentions:

Save and Restore User Settings

Sort of like the Copy Settings Wizard, but friendlier.


SolidWorks CAD Admin Dashboard


This new tool allows your friendly neighborhood CAD Admin to keep an eye on his kingdom.  The dashboard lets the admin view all the system options for every seat of SolidWorks on the network, and shows if any user’s options differ from the company standards.  The dashboard also collects information about machines on the network, and suggests actions that may improve performance, such as updating drivers, adding more memory, or increasing storage.  

The dashboard can also keep records of every session of SolidWorks launched within your company, and track crashes and terminations that may help detect serious probelms early. 


The CAD Admin Dashboard can even be used to monitor Virtual Machines on the network.


The best part is, since this tool is available through the Customer Portal, it’s available from practically anywhere.


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