We’re not banging rocks together here – Portal Bots in SolidWorks… FOR SCIENCE!

It all started with this awesome model of a Portal Turret on GrabCAD.com. 


Then, feeling inspired, I suggested to the SolidWorks community – via GrabCAD, Twitter, and Facebook – that we take on the significant challenge of modelling one (or both) of the Co-op mode bots from Portal 2 in SolidWorks.


Using Dropbox to collaborate, Scott Bruins (the creator of the turret model), Sam Corner (another SolidWorks community member) and myself started gathering reference images and other materials for the project.  Then we each got to work on separate sections of the ‘bots.  About five non-stop hours later, here’s our progress:



Check back for frequent updates, and share your feedback.  Also, if you’d like to join the project, let me know.



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