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Unboxing: Adobe Ink and Slide


I’ve never done an unboxing post before, but I thought the design of the packaging for my latest gadget was too impressive not to share. The design of the product itself is very elegant as well, but it’s almost more remarkable when a company puts so much effort into a part of the experience that’s meant to be so temporary. 

The unopened box


I love the color gradient stripe that divides the box all the way around.


Sorry for the poor quality picture, but the Creative Cloud icom is subtly embossed on the top of the main box.


Opening the hinged box reveals this modern, angular tray, holding the stylsh products.


The divider even includes this moderately artsy quote! That’s commitment.


Revoming the divider reveals these neatly organized accessories.


The carrying case doubles as the charging dock.


The stylus and “digital ruler” are gorgeous, and the LED is customizable with thousands of colors.

If the Adobe ink and Slide looks like a gadget you’d be interested in, check it out on Amazon. (I was able to get mine for under $60 with a coupon from RetailMeNot.)


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