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The SolidWorks World Trifecta


I’ve done it. The triple crown, the hat trick, the turkey, the trifecta.  I’ve been invited to SolidWorks World 2012 by three -count ’em, THREE – different groups inside the SolidWorks organization.  Each group invited me for a different reason, but all based on my contributions to the SolidWorks community. 

I was first invited by Richard Doyle, in my capacity as a SolidWorks User Group Leader.  My Fredericksburg area user group (FredSWUG) was founded in December of 2010, and has consistently maintained a small but passionate membership.  With this invitation, I was also gifted one free admission to the conference.

The second invitation came from the PR department at SoidWorks – thanks to Matt West and Kristen Wilson – in my capacity as a blogger (which hopefully you know about if you’re reading this). Apparently Solidworks has noticed my work, and thought it worthy enough to reward.  This came as a total surprise to me, but I’m very flattered.  A good deal of credit should go to Josh Mings of SolidSmack, who helped me get started.  This invitation included hotel accommodations and access to SolidWorks VIPs at the press event.

Finally, the most exciting invitation came from the office of the CEO himself, Bertrand Sicot. As regular followers may know, I recently underwent surgery to replace a defective heart valve.  The company that manufactures the mechanical heart valve I was given, On-X Life Technologies, inc. recently switched from Pro/E to SolidWorks as their major design package to design these life-saving medical devices. Thanks once again to Matt West, Mr. Sicot Heard about my story, and thought it would be perfect to share in the first General Session of SolidWorks World 2012! 

I’ll have behind-the-scenes access to the main stage that day, I’ll be seated in the front row, and I may even be on stage with Bertrand (that part isn’t clear yet). With this final invitation, I was offered complementary airfare to and from the event. I might just be the only non-SolidWorks Employee to attend the conference completely free!  

It’s a great feeling to be so respected among a community of intelligent, passionate people such as this, and I promise to keep doing my part to show the world how amazing we all are.


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