Onshape Teams Up with SolidProfessor to provide FREE Training

2015-04-23_20-26-29SolidProfessor announced today that they are providing free training resources to users of Onshape, the new, cloud-based 3D modeling and CAD platform. This joint effort between Onshape and SolidProfessor is targeting both new CAD users – attracted by Onshape’s no-cost payment model – and SolidWorks converts looking to try something new:

“Many of Onshape’s functions will feel familiar to people with 3D modeling experience but there are also significant differences that enhance the design and collaboration process. Learn how to adapt your design skills to Onshape or learn from the ground up. SolidProfessor takes you through these differences step-by-step and demonstrates how to use new capabilities such as designing on a touchscreen and collaborating by branching and merging.”

The SolidProfessor offerings include 22 short video lessons to help users get started using Onshape.


If you’re interestd in learning more about Onshape, head over to http://www.solidprofessor.com/training-plans/onshape/ to get started.

Free training and Free CSWA Exam Through April 30th


For anyone wanting to build and prove their SolidWorks knowledge, the Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) exam is the best place to start. The exam is aimed at college students, new engineers, and experienced CAD users transitioning over from a different CAD platform. Over 88,000 people have already successfully earned this certification, and you can too.

Even so, any certification can be daunting. Between studying, preparing, and paying for the exam, there are plenty of ways to get sidetracked or overwhelmed.

Well, not anymore.

Now, SolidWorks is offering a FREE online CSWA prep course through the my.SolidWorks.com platform. If you don’t already have a my.SolidWorks account, simply create one for free. It’s a great resource to have access to, even if you already have your CSWA certification. You’ll have access to lots of additional training, as well as exclusive features like the SolidWorks Manufacturing Network, SolidWorks cloud storage, and quick, centralized access to support materials, forum posts, and other helpful tips.

Once you’ve created an account, simply search for the CSWA Exam Prep Course learning path under training, and add it to your lesson plan…



Then view each lesson and take the short quiz at the end of each one. The status of all the modules must update to “Completed” and you must score an 80% or higher on each review quiz.

Anyone who can complete this course by the end of April 30th will be issued a free voucher, good for one CSWA exam!

A more complete list of instructions on taking the course and redeeming the voucher can be found here.

Once you’re certified, you’ll join an elite group of SolidWorks users who stand out among their peers, and look especially good to employers. You’ll (optionally) be listed on a searchable database of certified users, which allows employers and companies to find talented individuals. You’ll even get a neat littpe pachage of CSWA logos to add to your resume, business cards, etc.

Good luck!

The Possible Project and SolidWorks Modeling for Total Beginners

12-18-2014 2-09-26 PM

For the last couple months I’ve been volunteering my time at a wonderful organization called The Possible Project. This group teaches public high school students business and manufacturing skills, enabling them to start and run their own businesses. They also develop partnerships with local businesses, to expose the students to real-world industry.

I’ve been involved in developing a curriculum to teach SolidWorks to these students who have never been exposed to CAD modeling. I developed the training presentation below, and wanted to get some feedback from the SolidWorks community. If you like it, feel free to use it!