SolidWorks World 2015 Top Ten List

After 2 months of idea submission, plus another month of voting by the entire SolidWorks community, the newest Top Ten Enhancement list was announced on Wednesday at SolidWorks World 2015.

  • Variable Pull Direction Draft

  • Topology Optimization from Tosca for all Engineers

  • Both Direction Pattern

  • Selecting Inner Loops of a Selected Face (available in SolidWorks 2016)

  • Ability to make Inferred Relations Permanent in Sketch

  • Display the Exact Item Causing the Error

  • Selection List Box too Small! Should be Bigger or Flexible Size

  • Export Sheet Metal Parts of an Assembly to .dxf/.dwg in Flat State

  • Bidirectional Sweep (available in SolidWorks 2016)

  • Support Zero Thickness Geometry

    Two of these enhancements has already been addressed in SolidWorks 2016, according to the Sneak Peek given later in the Session. See all the new SolidWorks 2016 enhancements in this post, or check out the updated Top Ten List data set here.

SolidWorks World Top Ten List Data Complete!


This year at SolidWorks World in Phoenix, the Top Ten List will be celebrating its 15th anniversary. That’s a whole lot of ideas, so what does it look like when they all come together? Have you ever wondered which Top Ten List idea has been the most popular over the past 15 years? Which major requests are still outstanding? Curious about which releases of SolidWorks have been the best for idea implementation?

To answer those questions – and more – I compiled every SolidWorks World Top Ten List request since the very beginning in 2001. This comprehensive list of all Top Ten List ideas includes data on rankings, first appearance, implementation date, repeat requests, and wait times, along with a few editorial notes and vital statistics. Additionally, I’ve linked to community blog posts about many of the implemented features.

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Call for SolidWorks World Top Ten List Data

Hi all,

I’m trying to pull together to data on SolidWorks World Top Ten Lists of years past. I want to put up a permanent page on the site with a running tally of what’s been implemented, and what’s still missing.

However, I can only find data back to 2009. If you have any older records, or just a good memory, please add them to the table here, or comment below. I’ll be sure to give you a shout-out when the page goes live.

EDIT: Tom Smith has helped immensely by providing data back to 2002. At this point, unless anyone knows otherwise, I’ll assume that’s as far back as I can go. At this point, I mostly need help determining when the requested features were implemented. Also, in some cases, I may need help figuring out what the requests actually mean (especially those that could only be found on German-language websites). Again, this is where people with first-hand knowledge would be extra helpful. Again, anyone willing to donate a little brainpower gets a shoutout and a link whenever possible.!2798&authkey=!ACSR5Ay2GlP10gw


SolidWorks World 2015 Top Ten List now open!

10-15-2014 12-32-42 PM

Every year, a few months before SolidWorks World, the Product Definition team opens up a special section of the SolidWorks Forums, where users like you and me can submit our best ideas on how to improve the product to meet our needs. Starting today, and for the next two months, you can submit as many ideas as you want to the Top Ten List discussion forum, where the SolidWorks community can discuss them all. On December 12th, submission will be closed, and a few days later, on the 15th, voting begins. Between December 15th and January 23rd, 10 ideas will rise to the top of the list, and will ultimately be presented during the General Session on the final day of SolidWorks World 2015. These enhancement ideas will then get special attention from the Product Definition team, in an effort to make them a reality. Nearly every Top Ten idea has been implemented in later releases of SolidWorks, go get your ides into the forums, and make history!

Important Dates

December 12, 2014 is the end for new idea submissions

December 15, 2014 voting on all ideas begins

January 23, 2015 voting ends

Click here for the announcement from SolidWorks.