November FredSWUG Meeting

Based on the responses to the recent timeslot survey <>, it seems best to move future meetings to the third Wednesday of every OTHER month.  Therefore, the next meeting will be Wednesday, November 16th, and the meeting after that will not be until January (when we’ll be hosting a very special guest).


This month’s meeting will be: 



Wednesday, November 16th


Applied Rapid Technologies

1130 International Pkwy # 127

Fredericksburg, VA 22406-1220

( for directions)


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I’ll be presenting on assembly features and mating, so come armed with your questions!  Topics will include component patterns, mirroring options, advanced and mechanical mates, and assembly-level appearances. 


See you all there, 


Daniel Herzberg

  FredSWUG Chair


FredSWUG July Meeting – DraftSight

Hi all,

The next FredSWUG meeting will be held at:

3500 Shannon Park Drive,
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Thursday, July 21st
6:00 pm

Mark Lyons, from SolidWorks HQ, will be showing us SolidWorks’ new 2D design suite, DraftSight.  I personally think this program is far superior to AutoCAD, and not just because it’s completely free forever.  Check it out here, and invite all the AutoCAD users who you work with.  (First choice of prizes goes to the member who brings the most new faces.)

Thanks everyone, see you on the 21st.

FredSWUG Meeting 4 Announced

Hi all,


The next FredSWUG meeting will be held at:


HDT Engineering Services

415 Wolfe Street

Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Thursday, May 19th




6:00 pm


As always, please RSVP to this meeting.


Our presenter will be Frank Maas of SDI Corp, who will be presenting on third-party solutions for use alongside SolidWorks. Specifically, we’ll learn about CNC milling using the FeatureCAM add-in, and 3D printing circuit boards using Altium.





6:00 – 6:30pm:  Check-in, Dinner, and Networking

· New member introductions


6:30 – 6:45pm:  SolidWorks Show and Tell

· Troubleshoot difficult models

· Show off fun personal projects/renders

· Share new and innovative techniques  


6:45 – 7:45pm:  Presentation(s)

· CNC Milling with SolidWorks and FeatureCAM

o    Generating G-code for 3D milling on CNC machines

· 3D-Printed Circuit Boards with SolidWorks and Altium

o    3D Printed Circuit Boards

o    Enclosures and end panels

Frank Maas, SDI Corporation


7:45 – 8:15pm: Discussion


8:15 – 8:30pm:  Free Giveaways

· Sponsored by SWUGN and Rapid Sheet Metal



Thanks everyone, see you on the 19th.


FredSWUG Meeting, April 21st

The next FredSWUG meeting will be held at:



3500 Shannon Park Drive

Fredericksburg, VA 22408-2375


Thursday, April 21st




6:00 pm


As always, please RSVP to this meeting.


Our presenter will be Paul Becker of TriMech, who is the local expert on the SolidWorks Simulation package.   This presentation is sure to be eye-opening for both experienced analysis and non-users alike.   The simulation package contains powerful tools that can analyze “static loads, cyclic fatigue, vibration and frequency , buckling, thermal loads, and drop testing, as well as liner dynamic and nonlinear forces.” 


I’d also like you all to start thinking about nominations for a VP or co-chair, or whatever we want to call it.  I’d like a safety net for the group my parachute doesn’t open, or the rodeo clown can’t get to me in time.  We can discuss this more at the meeting, but let me know if you have any questions.


Finally, don’t forget to work on your entries for the logo contest for our fantastic new forum page.


Thanks everyone, see you on the 21st.


Avelino Rochino, SolidWorks Certification Specialist, Headlines FredSWUG’s Second Meeting

FredSWUG’s second meeting was held last Thursday, March 31st at McQ, inc.  Avelino Rochino, SolidWorks’ East coast Certification Program Specialist, stopped in to present on the SolidWorks weldments package and certification test.  Avelino wrote the CSWP Weldments exam, and is an invaluable source of information on the topic.  The presentation included a basic lesson in weldments, tips on passing the CSWP – Weldments exam, and free coupon codes for all the certification tests for attendees. The presentation is below, but first, here’s a quick overview:

  • The CSWP Advanced Weldment exam covers:
    • Weldment profile creation
    • Placing the Weldment profile in the Weldment profile library
    • Basic and Advanced Weldment Part creation
    • Weldment corner modification
    • Placing gaps at corners and segment intersections
    • End Caps
    • Gussets
    • Weldment Part modification
    • Trim/Extend Command
    • 3D Sketch Creation
    • Cut List Folder management in the Weldment Part
    • Cut List creation in the Weldment Drawing
  • Weldments are not assemblies, they are single multi-body parts
    • This makes design changes and cut lists easier
  • Weldments are based on profiles, created from sketches and saved as a library feature to a special Weldment Profiles folder (found under Options >> File Locations)


  • The structural frame of the weldment is created from a single 3D sketch.  Structural members are created by assigning a desired profile to the entities of the 3D sketch.
  • Since SolidWorks 2009, structural members can be created in groups.
    • A group can be comprised of any contiguous sketch segments OR any parallel segments
    • This greatly simplifies models by eliminating trim features. Instead, members are automatically trimmed based on their group hierarchy.
    • Hierarchy is assigned based on creation order, and other logic tests.


  • Weldment segment positioning/trimming/extending
    • Use ‘Locate Profile’ and ‘Alignment’ commands to position segment correctly.
    • Use ‘Trim/Extend’ command to adjust length of segment to match desired geometry
      • Trim multiple segments to multiple faces or bodies at once
      • Use Keep/Discard flags to specify sections to keep


  • Trimming at intersections is based on Weldment groups
    • Group hierarchy can be edited by clicking the intersection dot, and changing the Trim Order
    • Lower-numbered Weldment groups will be trimmed before higher-numbered groups.
    • Equally-weighted members will be trimmed equally


  • Weldment bodies are automatically populated with angle, length, and shape custom properties, which can be used in drawing cut lists.


  • Did you know: Subscription service customers are entitled to one free core (CSWA or CSWP) and one free Advanced (weldments, surfacing, etc) exam every six months?  Go to and click on “CSWP Offers for Subscription Service Customers.”


Check out the full presentation (with sample files) here: Weldment Presentation – Avelino Rochino