New Orleans, LA – April 2015

Highlights from my visit to the Crescent City.

iTools Transfers Music and so Much More!


This program is actually good enough for me to share with you all. I managed to lose a bunch of music from my PC during a transfer (I think we’ve all felt that terror), and needed a way to access the files that were still safely stored on my phone.

If you’ve tried searching for an iPhone-to-PC transfer program, you know most of them are limited to a small number of transfers before you have to pay a ridiculous fee. But I finally found one that’s completely free! it’s called iTools, and it saved my bacon. The utility not only allows you to export part or ALL your music at once, but also modify apps, organize photos and playlists, rearrange the homescreen (better than iTunes does), create custom ringtones, and even access internal storage and file systems, and view system logs.

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Quick intro video:

Google Nexus Q – Sexy Streaming Media Hub for Android Users, Made in the USA



If I liked Android stuff (start your flame war below) I’d be all over this sleek new gadget.  Unveiled at a Google developer conference on Wednesday, the “social streaming media player” gets all its content directly from the cloud, or a wirelessly connected Android device.  The Q can be connected to nearly any kind of A/V device, using its built-in 25-watt amp and RCA connectors, plus HDMI, optical audio, and USB ports. If you don’t have any speakers available, not to worry. The Q comes with a built-in set.


Volume, media selection, and group access are all controlled through your Android device. Anything that’s available through Google Play or YouTube can be streamed to the Q, with no limitations.  The Q even has a voice-recognition feature, allowing you to “Ask the Q” for help with life’s great mysteries. It’s no Siri, but it’s a cute little Easter egg.


Although all this technology is impressive, the most notable breakthrough surrounding the Nexus Q is its birthplace. Etched right on the bottom of every device are the words “Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.” When’s the last time you saw those words on a piece of high-end technology?


Google is one of the first major companies to bring its manufacturing center out of China – where labor is cheap and regulations are non-existent – and back to the US, where it can make a difference to our economy.  The plant that manufactures the Q employs hundreds of people in Google’s hometown of Mountain View, CA.  That number may rise in the future.


Here’s a short Google video describing the Q’s functionality:

Fleetwood Mac is Flowchart Mac

I did this for a contest a while ago for some flowchart design startup. Enjoy!


Exit the Norm, Enter the Haggis


I’m not a big drinker, but I’m proud to say that I have now seen Enter the Haggis on the three major drinking holidays. 


The Haggis Trifecta

New Year’s Eve…



Saint Patrick’s Day…



and any day when I’m on a boat.

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One Prairie Outpost

And, to round out the night, my favorite song at the moment:


One Prairie Outpost – Carbon Leaf