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Solidworks World 2016 Top Ten List


#10 – Revert to eDrawings 2013 Engine and Interface for Desktops

#9 – Automatic Fastener BOM for Large Assemblies

#8 – Ability to Use End Points of Sketch Lines for Hole Wizard Holes

#7 – Automate Explode Line Creation

#6 – Enhance Fillet, Chamfer, and Other Functions for Multi-Body Parts

#5 – Bounding Box Values for any Component

#4 – Move Assembly Sketch to Component

#3 – Use ALT to Temporarily Hide Face Under Cursor when Mating

#2 – Ability to Export BOM Table with Thumbnail Images of Components

And Dark Screen Saver presents number one…

#1 – Create a “Classic” mode GUI option in SolidWorks 2016 that emulates SolidWorks 2015

Be sure to check out my newly-updated SolidWorks Top Ten List Data page for information on all these requests, as well as those from the previous 15 years.

4 Replies to “Solidworks World 2016 Top Ten List”

  1. Dennis Dohogne says:

    What was the crowd’s response to these and any follow-on discussion? For the benefit of those of us not able to attend could you annotate these top ten with your observations, please?

    1. MegaHertz604 says:

      “Classic mode” in 2016 absolutely got the biggest reaction. I think people were anticipating it too, because I don’t recall noticing much of a response to the other 9 suggestions.

  2. Randy Simmons says:

    #8 has been possible since SW2013…

    1. MegaHertz604 says:

      Maybe the request was to be able to use the endpoints themselves, rather than just adding another sketch point on top of them? I kind of hate how they just regurgitate the idea titles (typos and all), rather than adding some commentary so we can better understand the process.

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