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SolidWorks World 2013, Wednesday General Session




 Fielder Hiss opens Day 3, and introduces the partner from Dell.


Next, Mark Schnieder makes us all feel like incompetent children as he explains the Model Mania contest, and introduces the winners.



 Congratulations to Richard Wand (3rd), Tom Smith (2nd), and Satakal Khalsa (1st), with a stunning time of 8:45!


Marie Planchard – described by some as “6 feet of passion in a 5-foot frame” –  spoke to us next about her favorite thing: education. 



 She introduced Tom Atchison of the Mavericks Civilian Space Program, who mentors high school students throughout the entire process of designing, building, and launching a rocket.


We learned how the team used SolidWorks throughout their design process, and Marie made a special announcement!


Our next speaker was from Platinum sponsor, nVidia. What started out as a standard “commercial” soon turned into something more exciting. We got out first peek at the eDrawings mobile app on a Google device. The Google Nexus 7 – powered by an nVidia Tegra chip – ran eDrawings live on stage.


Bruce Holway then took the stage to go through the SolidWorks World 2013 Top 10 List, as presented by SolidWorks’ most senior employees.


The list follows, from the SolidWorks Blog:

1.       Make rebuild time faster

2.       True backward compatibility

3.       Slot mate

4.       Cylindrical mates need an option to lock rotation

5.       Provide a version of the eDrawings mobile app for Android devices

6.       Option for equal spacing on linear patterns

7.       Default concentric mate for axis to cylindrical surface

8.       External thread wizard for all thread types

9.       Draw a line segment starting from the midpoint

10.   Create auxiliary line for dimensioning angles

Next up, Jeremy Regenrus, Neil Cook Mark Schnieder, and the rest of the Product Marketing team gave us a hilarious sneak peek at SolidWorks 2014, through a fake infomercial called “Jeremy’s Designer Gift Show.”


Jeremy hosted cheesy inventors hawking such products as the SolidGrill 3000, the SolidWorkout, and the DesignBelt.

Take a look at the What’s Coming in 2014 post for more information about the features revealed during the General Session.
Bertrand then took the stage once more to close out the show, and announce next year;s location. SolidWorks World 2014 will be held in San Diego once again, January 26-29, 2014.


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