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SolidWorks World 2013 – Uncharted Territory



Although SolidWorks World 2013 is technically my third time at the conference, in a way it feels like my first.  Since 2010, I have attended as a User Group leader or member of press.  This year, however, I will have an additional role.  I will also be attending as a representative for my new employer.  This will drastically change my experience at the conference. Previously, I attended breakout sessions on a wide range of topics which I thought would be most enjoyable, chatted with the Partners who had the coolest technology, and covered the press events which included the most innovative speakers.  This year, I made choices based what I believed would be most helpful to my company. Having that specific focus allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and into uncharted territory.  I never before thought I’d need to know about the SolidWorks API or 3DVia Composer, but I will find myself learning about them in a few days, because I’ve seen how those tools may benefit my coworkers.  My schedule is rigorous, with many time slots packed three or four deep (see my calendar below). But with the help of my team, I now have the ability to divide and conquer.



The problem is, there’s almost NOTHNG that SolidWorks offers that isn’t helpful to a company of any size. You can always find a way to adapt a tool to your needs. That’s why SolidWorks World is always so successful, with its attendance numbers growing steadily every year. No matter how much you learn about the program, you can be sure there’s so much more you DON’T know.


See you in Orlando!

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  1. fcsuper says:

    Welcome to my "World" for the previous 4 Worlds. As Press, my schedule was literally triple booked for practically every time slot. I was jumping from one thing to another constantly. My schedule actually simplified when I attended last year as an employee, the amount of work did not decrease (it’s still a lot, but different now), but now I’m not overbooked for most time slots (there’s still some overbooking that goes on, but now my choices are dictated by what is the best use of my time for my role.)

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