SolidWorks 2014 What’s New – Chapter 12: SolidWorks Electrical

Once again, reading every chapter of the SolidWorks 2014 What’s New Document has showed me truly how few of the SolidWorks offerings I’ve used. I’ve never had the opportunity to use SolidWorks Electrical, but hopefully these enhancements will help those of you that do.

Integration with Enterprise PDM

SolidWorks Electrical is integrated with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. You can select an instance, manage the export and import of a project with Enterprise PDM, and view the Enterprise PDM status in the Project Manager.

Replace Microsoft Access with SQLite

The underlying database management system has been upgraded from Microsoft Access to SQLite. This change significantly improves file archival methods. SQLite is fully compatible with 64-bit operating systems and runs on any version of Microsoft Office that is installed on the computer.

Filters in the Project Manager

You can use new criteria in the Project Manager to reduce the list of projects, and find your project quickly.

Advanced Component Search

Find instances of components in your drawings by Part Number, Marker, Description, etc.

New Symbols and Labels

Passive symbol are now available in 2D schematics. These symbols can reference non-electrical components (such as ground shields), without defining a new symbol from scratch. Wire and equipotential labels are also available, allowing users to easily apply wire labels.

SolidWorks has provided several videos to demonstrate the many enhancements to the Electrical package.

SolidWorks Electrical Schematic:

SolidWorks Electrical 3D: