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SolidWorks 2013 Beta is Coming Soon



You can smell it in the air. The chill that makes your hair stand on end. The anticipation. The need.

Brace yourselves.

Beta is coming.

The SolidWorks Beta Team sent out an email yesterday telling us that the 2013 Beta program will launch in June 2012. If you’re not already excited, review my post on What’s Coming in SolidWorks 2013 (that we know of). Go ahead, I’ll wait.  This year, there’s no reason not to jump right in, since this version will feature backwards compatibility with 2012 SP5, so any work you do in 2013 can still be shared with your colleagues using 2012.  Keep in mind, however, that 2013 will NOT install on Window XP computers (although I’m sure the SolidWorks community will hack their way around this pretty quickly).  Also, it’s always best to make a copy of your data whenever using an early software release.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Beta program and notifications, just visit the SolidWorks Beta Site, and they’ll walk you through it.  You can also sign up to attend one of several on-site Beta testing events at the Dassault corporate offices.

Best of luck to Kaamil, Terry, and the rest of the Beta team. May the Beta be with you?

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