SOLIDWORKS LEGOS – 550+ Digital LEGO Parts

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Downloadable SOLIDWORKS fileset of over 500 LEGO parts, including Technic pieces, Minifig accessories, and vehicle components, plus standard parts in dozens of configurable sizes. BONUS! Includes a set of common LEGO appearance files.


This file set contains over 550 LEGO parts in SOLIDWORKS format. Many of these files were created by me, while others were collected from online CAD libraries over several years. They’ve all been checked and edited for consistency, and organized by category. Most parts are saved in SOLIDWORKS 2018.

Common parts, like bricks, plates, and inclines – contain dozens of configurations controlled by equations and design tables. These parts are an excellent teaching tool for these more advanced subjects.

Special Thanks to Michael Huggins, Daniel Leith, Nathan Duggins, Yauhen, Neil Lantto and others for making their LEGO parts shareable online.

1 review for SOLIDWORKS LEGOS – 550+ Digital LEGO Parts

  1. Lukasz


    Does the set contain building blocks from WeDo 2.0?

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