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Onshape Teams Up with SolidProfessor to provide FREE Training


2015-04-23_20-26-29SolidProfessor announced today that they are providing free training resources to users of Onshape, the new, cloud-based 3D modeling and CAD platform. This joint effort between Onshape and SolidProfessor is targeting both new CAD users – attracted by Onshape’s no-cost payment model – and SolidWorks converts looking to try something new:

“Many of Onshape’s functions will feel familiar to people with 3D modeling experience but there are also significant differences that enhance the design and collaboration process. Learn how to adapt your design skills to Onshape or learn from the ground up. SolidProfessor takes you through these differences step-by-step and demonstrates how to use new capabilities such as designing on a touchscreen and collaborating by branching and merging.”

The SolidProfessor offerings include 22 short video lessons to help users get started using Onshape.


If you’re interestd in learning more about Onshape, head over to to get started.

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