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mySolidWorks  1/20/13

SolidWorks Social Media director Matt West announced a new online SolidWorks community tool today at SolidWorks World. mySolidWorks is an information aggregate tool that will eventually combine information from dozens of SolidWorks content providers. As of the start of the public beta today (1/20/2013), the site combined posts from the SolidWorks Forums and online help package, along with SolidWorks Corporate and Education blogs, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel.  Signing in with an existing SolidWorks account allows more content and customization options, such as access to Knowledge Base articles.
The site is powered by ExaLead and Dassault’s newest acquisition, Netvibes. Check it out for yourself at
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  1. Matthew West says:

    Dan, My.SolidWorks currently includes content from these sources:•
    SolidWorks forums•
    SolidWorks corporate blog•
    SolidWorks Teacher Blog•
    SolidWorks Twitter Feed•
    SolidWorks YouTube channel•
    SolidWorks Online HelpAccess to the Knowledge Base will be available soon to subscription customers, as well as access to 3D ContentCentral.

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