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My.SolidWorks is Now Live!


The good news: SolidWorks has a huge number of sources of information about their products.

The bad news: SolidWorks has a HUGE number of sources of information about their products!

Until now.

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SolidWorks today introduced to the masses. The Product was first announced at SolidWorks World 2013, and has been in public beta testing since that time. MySolidWorks is a tool that consolidates almost every imaginable source information of how to use SolidWorks most effectively into one easy-to-use interface. Need help with a Weldment tool? Perform a simple search, and you’re presented with content from the SolidWorks Blogs, online help files, SolidWorks Knowledge Base, and forums, plus the official YouTube channel and Twitter account.

With some simple filtering tools, you can narrow the hundreds of results down to just the content and sources you’re interested in.

Those who log in to My.SolidWorks with a Subscription account get even more goodies, “because content tied to a subscription also appears in My.SolidWorks.”

My.SolidWorks is still a great tool, even if you’re not looking for anything specific. The beautifully laid-out magazine-style homepage presents a selection of the latest forum questions, blog posts, YouTube videos, and other features content. Once you’ve entered the reader view, the collapsible sidebar allows you to quickly jump to new content.

the My.SolidWorks Team is planning to add a lot more great content in the near future, and may eventually bring all your SolidWorks-related resources (even third-party) under one roof. If you’d like to see SolidWorks blog posts from my site appear on, let them know! What’s more, there’s rumored to be an add-in to SolidWorks itself for the My.SolidWorks portal, so you’ll never have to leave your window to get the answers and content you so desperately need.

Remember, next time you have a SolidWorks question, ask first!

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