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More on the Future of SolidWorks V6


Rich Allen discussed with ESS Beta testers the future of SolidWorks, and what we can expect from the future the V6 platform. Of course he reassured us that SolidWorks isn’t going anywhere, but we should expect several “complimentary solutions” over the next five years or so. Several solutions.

Allen mentioned that this year’s SolidWorks World should be especially interesting because they may be planning to announce more than one new product. Get ready.

UPDATE 9/5/13: After a little more probing at today’s SolidWorks 2014 Launch Event, I can report that its very likely that we will see a model-based definition program revealed at SolidWorks World 2014. When asked if the recently increased level of rhetoric about model-based definition was a indication of upcoming products, a SolidWorks executive said that guess “wouldn’t be far off.”

The program will use the new 3D Experience platform (commonly known as “V6”), similar to the Mechanical Conceptual product we first saw earlier this year. Stay tuned.

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  1. 5 years!! the longest software roll out ever, they’ve been playing around with V6 since 2008 already

    1. megahertz604 says:

      I’m ok with that. First of all, it’s more than one product. And second, it means they’re being extra careful about how they implement it all.

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