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One last reminder before election day. Don’t forget, this is what happens when you vote Republican. Many of the points I make below specifically involve Donald Trump, because even though he’s not in this election himself, every Republican who is on the ballot is directly responsible for encouraging, supporting, and covering up his actions. The only way he can be checked is to elect a Democratic congress.

The largest deficit increase in history

Trump’s budget, approved by the Republican Congress, adds $5.683 trillion to the deficit, almost as much in less than one term as Obama accumulated in two.

Cuts to entitlements pay for tax cuts for the wealthy

Republicans’ major tax cuts – which primarily benefit the wealthy and big businesses, are crippling the economy, contributed to the meteoric deficit increase (, and are now being paid for with cuts to Medicare and Social Security (

Rampant public corruption

Outright theft of your tax dollars due to the rampant corruption infecting the Republican party and specifically the President’s cabinet

This includes Trump playing golf dozens of times, at an estimated cost of $79 Million, despite assurances that he’d be working too hard to go golfing… (

Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

100 attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, including shutting down the federal government, at a huge waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

Misuse of 12,000-14,000 US service members

to “protect” us from a caravan of refugees which:

Operational planning documents leaked by Defense Department officials

The systematic destruction of voting rights in America

including in:

Georgia, where the secretary of state is running for governor without stepping down, while purging and withholding hundreds of thousands of voter registrations ( yes, that’s a Fox News link)

Kansas, where a majority Hispanic town of 13,000 is forced to use a single polling location, far outside of town, inaccessible without a car. (

South Dakota, where they’re very specifically suppressing the votes of Native Americans (

Outright support for sexual predators and sexual assault

Don’t forget he Access Hollywood tape (

And Republicans furious defense of Brett Kavanaugh, despite mountains of evidence of lying, excessive drinking, sexual assault and possibly rape, not to mention a temperament unfit for the supreme court. (

Dirty Politics

Let’s not forget the other supreme court justice, who was appointed only after Republicans held an empty seat open for over a year – and threatened to hold it open for four more if they didn’t get their way.

Thousands of children ripped from their parents and held in cages, doing permanent psychological harm, who may never be reunited, due to sheer incompetence.

Kidnapping children

Hate, Violence, and Bigotry

A sharp increase in hate crimes, violent protests, and domestic terrorism, all directly linked to right-wing extremists and Trump supporters.

And an increase in mass shootings (There have been 263 days in 2018 — and 262 mass shootings in America) – literally including one as I write this (Gillum leaves campaign trail in wake of Tallahassee shooting – and zero action on gun control, despite promises (Conceding to N.R.A., Trump Abandons Brief Gun Control Promise)

Massive Economic Uncertainty

Wild stock market swings and crashes due to dangerous trade wars and tariffs (

5 of the top 10 largest stock market losses in history have taken place this year (

American jobs being shipped overseas faster than ever before


Harley Davidson:


The end of American status and supremacy

There has undoubtedly been a sharp decline of the world’s confidence and approval of the United States under Republican leadership

Thousands and thousands and thousands of easily disprovable lies

Mishandling of classified information (BUT HER EMAILS)

Trump’s repeated leaking and mishandling of classified information – even after being warned – has forced our allies to now withhold information from us due to fear of leaks.

Image result for but her emails

To Russia, about Israel:

To the Philippines, about North Korea:

To the media, about ISIS:

To anyone who cares to listen, on his unsecured phones: When Trump Phones Friends, the Chinese and the Russians Listen and Learn

Donald Dreams of Dictators

Significant preference for dictators, autocrats, and US adversaries, all of whom are known to have murdered journalists, protestors, opponents and dissidents, invaded sovereign nations, committed genocides, torture, and abuse of power. Plus censorship and countless human rights violations (

Corruption and Emoluments

Countless conflicts of interest within Trump’s business dealings which clearly violate the Constitution.

“The Best People”

6 high-profile Trump advisers have been convicted or plead guilty to crimes stemming from the investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia, plus dozens more still being investigated and questioned. (

Trump: I’ll choose the best people for my administration from CNBC.

And of course, the lowest approval rating of any President ( and Congress ( in history.

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