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Happy New Year! The Best Year-End Recaps, Remixes, and Roundups to Ring in 2014


Best of Bootie 2013


A collection of mashups of the hottest songs of the year, from the most well-known DJs in the underground bootleg circuit. These tracks are available individually, or as a continuous mix for you amateur spinners. Check out the archives going all the way back to 2005.

United State of Pop 2013 – Living the Fantasy


 DJ Earworm is THE definitive mashup artist these days. If you ever find yourself needing to hear every hit song of the past year within five minutes, you know where to go. 

YouTube Rewind


The first of several videos that attempt to compress the events of the past year into five minutes of comedy gold.

Google Zeitgeist


A little less comedy, and a lot more emotion went into this 90-second video about live, love, death, and humanity in 2013. The spot plugs the infoporn Valhalla of Google Zeitgeist 2013. From here, you can explore Google’s wealth of data on the year’s top searches around the globe, or in your hometown.

JibJab’s Year in Review

JibJab started their hilarious yearly recap back in 2005, and still manage to cram dozens of global events into their ~2-minute videos. They definitely require more than one viewing. Going back to watch previous year’s installments seriously shifts your perception of time (was the iPhone really just released in 2007?!)

Big Fat Quiz of the Year


If you prefer looking back at the year’s events from across the pond, don’t miss this year’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year, featuring a (mostly) British panel of contestants answering questions about the year’s doings in a Pub-Quiz format.

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