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entrepreneur_tabletSolidWorks recently announced a generous new SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs program, aimed at helping startups and inventors bring their ingenious concepts to life.

“If you’re a mover, shaker, maker, innovator or part of an incubator or makerspace, SOLIDWORKS can help you create a disruptive, groundbreaking product and help you build a business around your idea.”

This new initiative will grant a wealth of SolidWorks tools and services to several lucky entrepreneurs who can present an interesting product idea or business plan to the SolidWorks team. SolidWorks hopes that having access to these powerful tools will empower startups, and improve their chances of success.

“SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs helps take the legwork out of building your start-up by empowering you with the right tools (such as SOLIDWORKS software and co-marketing opportunities) to expose you to a new market of passionate engineers.”

Chosen applicants will have access to more than just SolidWorks 3D CAD software. They will also be awarded with SolidWorks Simulation (to test their designs) and SolidWorks Composer (to market them), along with a wealth of training materials. Additionally, they will receive personalized business coaching from the SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs team and Customer Marketing Program Manager, as well as professional design guidance from SolidWorks engineers and technical managers. Finally, successful start-ups will get significant help with marketing opportunities such as speaking engagements at SolidWorks events, and promotion in SolidWorks campaigns and social communities.

To be eligible for the SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs program, you must:

  • Have less than $1M in funding and annual revenue
  • Have a business plan and several references
  • Design a physical product that can be designed in CAD
  • Pay the $200 application fee ( 90% of all proceeds are given to the Rwandan Girls Scholarship Program)

To learn more, check out the FAQ.

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