Examining my Commute with DashCommand

Now that I have an iPhone 4S (thanks Mom!), I finally have a device that can handle the processing and data transfer needs of DashCommand.


DashCommand is a vehicle diagnostic and data visualization app from Palmer Performance Engineering.  Basically, you can plug your phone into the OBD-II port under your steering wheel (with a cable or wireless transmitter, sold separately), and see every piece of information about your car’s performance.


Some of the parameters that can be viewed are:

  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Power
  • Torque
  • Remaining Fuel
  • Fuel Economy
  • Coolant temperature
  • Pitch and roll
  • G forces
  • Check Engine codes


It also takes averages over trips, each day, and between fillups.  I decided to use a trip average to record the data for my commute from work to home.  Here’s the data for my one way, door-to-door  trip:



Average Fuel Consumption

23.5 mpg



36.5 mi


Fuel consumed

1.2 gal


Average CO2 Emission Rate

13.2 oz/mi


Total CO2 Emissions

23.8 lbs


Elapsed Time

56 min


Drive Time

41 min

Meaning I was stopped at red lights/in traffic for 15 minutes

Average fuel flow

1.3 gal/hr


Max fuel flow

4.7 gal/hr


Average Speed (excluding idle)

42 mph


Average Speed (including idle)

35 mph


Max Speed

72 mph


Average Engine Speed

1535 rpm


Max Engine Speed

3155 rpm


Max Acceleration

0.4 g


Max Braking

0.5 g


Max Engine Power

199 HP


Max Torque

278 ft/lbs


Distance in Neutral


I think this means the amount of time I’m stopped or coasting

Time in Neutral



Distance in 1st Gear



Time in 1st Gear



Distance in 2nd Gear



Time in 2nd Gear



Distance in 3rd Gear



Time in 3rd Gear



Distance in 4th Gear



Time in 4th Gear

37.5 %


Distance in 5th Gear



Time in 5th Gear



Distance in Wrong Gear


I don’t know how this cold be possible, since my car is an automatic. Does anyone know?

Time in Wrong Gear





My dashboards:


My Route:


(Note the color changes based on my speed)


At some point I’ll post some data from a performance run or a quarter-mile, if I can find a safe place to do it.


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