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eDrawings Augmented Reality – Unleash the CAD Genie


The eDrawings Augmented Reality feature has been available for some time now, and you’ve probably read several reviews that dive into the functionality and feature set. You probably know by now that it’s a powerful, sleek tool, but can you use it in the real world, at your job? YES. I want to tell you that this tool will be a turning point in the way you do business.

This is about all I can show you.

In my line of work – and presumably that of almost any engineer – we deal with that special breed of marketing management that can’t wrap their mind around 3D CAD. A lot of time and money has been spent on foam models and rapid prototypes, to be able to accurately share the progress of a design. Having a sense of scale and realism is important to everyone.  eDrawings AR goes farther than that, though. My new product is meant to attach to the front of an existing system. Using eDrawings for iPad, I’ve bee able to show managers what the final assembly could look like, before a part is ever made. Plus, there’s the all-important “wow factor.” Showing off this app to the higher-ups will earn you the awe-inspiring title of CAD Genie, along with the respect and fear of your peers.

By the way, SolidWorks, if you’re listening: more often than not, when I show eDrawings AR to someone for the first time, they ask “does it work on Android?” Don’t let the excitement die down before the Android release.

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