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Dodge Charger SolidWorks Project


For the past few months – after being inspired by Matt Perez’s Camaro Tutorial – I’ve been working on modeling my Dodge Charger in SolidWorks.  I started with nothing more than a set of four orthographic blueprint drawings (top, front, right, rear):


Then I arranged the blueprints in three dimensions in a SolidWorks part document:


Then, using mostly surfacing tools (projected curves, boundary surfaces, etc) the shape of the charger quickly took shape:


Before I got the wheels and tires modeled, this is what I had to do to work on the rest of the car 🙂



The model is almost done, but it still needs a few features…

  • Door handles
  • Side mirrors
  • Taillight details
  • Rear and side emblems (Make/model, Hemi, Dodge logo)
  • Disc brakes
  • Wipers?

And this is what the model looks like right now, including custom lighting and environment:


(Special thanks to Paul McCrorey for the red Render)

Update: Door Handles and door seams are done.


If anyone has any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know!

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