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CSWE Event Details Revealed!


There are a lot of CSWPs out there in the world. A LOT. So many, that the annual CSWP Special Event at SolidWorks World can’t handle them all. So this year, for the first time, the party will be limited to CSWEs only. The CSWE exam is a little more than 2 years old, and there are less than 1200 CSWEs worldwide. That means the party planners went all-out this year. Details on the big party are below. If this doesn’t motivate you to pass your exams, then there’s no hope for you.


Attention Certified SolidWorks Experts!

You have earned VIP Access to this year’s private CSWE event at SolidWorks World 2013.

This year’s event is celebrating speed.

We’ll have the newest Xbox racing game simulators for you to try. There will also be Wii gaming stations, an RC Racetrack, a Virtual Reality racing game, and a bank of linked NASCAR racing games that will let you challenge your peers! Don’t worry, no quarters are needed at this party, we covered that for you!

Florida Rock Band Sekond Nature will provide the music, and as usual we’ll have plenty of food, drinks, and beer!

You’ll also receive a limited edition, collectible racing car toy from our longtime friend and fellow CSWE,

Yanick Tremblay, Design Manager for MEGA Brands Inc.

Enjoy networking with old and new friends, listening to some great live music, and taking in a few laps on the video game tracks. No helmets or driving licenses required!

See you in Orlando!

The SolidWorks Certification Team

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