SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Demo Files

The demo files from my SOLIDWORKS World 2018 presentation “This is Not a Toy – A Dozen Assembly Tools Taught with LEGO” are now available free in my model store!

If you’re interested in creating even more SOLIDWORKs LEGO models, check out my collection of over 300 LEGO part files, and share images of your creations here!

MHzStudios String Art for Sale

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided I need some kind of outlet for creative projects, so I’m going to attempt to make and sell these state string art pieces that have been such as big hit as gifts for my family.

I’ve developed an Esty store (, but since these wall hangings have so many customization options, I’ve also developed a commission form ( which allows buyers to customize their individual piece to their own personal style, before it’s made-to-order by me.

Take a look at just a few examples of the products I’ve made so far.

If you’re interested in these beautiful products, I promise to make you an amazing piece of art by hand that can be customized specifically for you, and displayed with pride for years to come.

Not interested in a piece right now? No problem! Just help me make this little experiment a success by spreading the word, offering business advice, or just leaving some words of encouragement.


SolidWorks World Top Ten List Data Complete!


This year at SolidWorks World in Phoenix, the Top Ten List will be celebrating its 15th anniversary. That’s a whole lot of ideas, so what does it look like when they all come together? Have you ever wondered which Top Ten List idea has been the most popular over the past 15 years? Which major requests are still outstanding? Curious about which releases of SolidWorks have been the best for idea implementation?

To answer those questions – and more – I compiled every SolidWorks World Top Ten List request since the very beginning in 2001. This comprehensive list of all Top Ten List ideas includes data on rankings, first appearance, implementation date, repeat requests, and wait times, along with a few editorial notes and vital statistics. Additionally, I’ve linked to community blog posts about many of the implemented features.

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Printing Press Movable Type Collage

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New Content Available in the CAD Model eStore

Check out the two new models available in the eStore! The oil platform and oil tanker, shown below, were modeled for Rob Rodriguez of Axis CAD Solutions. $30 for the pair sound good?

3 Ship 7

CAD Models Now Available for Purchase

By popular demand, I've recently developed a CAD model eStore available at There you can find a number of SolidWorks models created by me over the last several years. Click the images below to see details and history of the individual models. These advanced designs are great for 3D printing or learning about complex workflows.

This is my first foray into internet sales, so bear with me, and let me know what you think. More models will be added all the time, so keep checking in!

Complete (w Contours)


Charger Ambient Occlusion Pelican Hangar Empire State Building Burj Khalifa Leatherman Barret Sniper 2



Back to Basics

It’s happened to every engineer. Your manager-slash-client-slash designer has the most brilliant vision! But when he tries to convey it to you… well, it might as well be semaphore. Maybe they’re not the most CAD-savvy – after all, that’s what they pay you for, right? So how will you ever understand what you’re supposed to design? There are a thousand different products out there that are supposed to help, but sometimes, it’s refreshing to see someone go back to the basics.

I recently received a design request in the form of a hastily-scribbled pencil sketch. Long story short: it was indecipherable. When I asked for some more clarification, I expected a clearer drawing, or a lot of unhelpful text. What I ended up with actually made me smile!

My client roughly modeled the important area of the part out of clay, took a video and some stills, and sent them over the same day. It cleared up all my confusion, and the project was back on track.

Believe it or not, this helped.

Believe it or not, this helped.

Sometimes the simplest solution really is the best.




Massachusetts String Art Project

I found some great inspiration for a simple, inexpensive weekend art project recently, and I decided to go full steam ahead. Here’s how I created this gorgeous Massachusetts string wall art panel.

2013-04-14 17.42.14

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Designing my Backyard Hideout

I’ve always wanted a secluded backyard office/mancave.  A few days ago I started sketching designs just for fun. It includes a wood stove, big porch, and – eventually – a hanging-garden/fountain area. Here are a couple really quick renders before I jump on a plane. Updates to come!


PS, I’ve noticed that SolidWorks doesn’t have a cedar appearance. I used teak, but it’s not what I want.




We’re not banging rocks together here – Portal Bots in SolidWorks… FOR SCIENCE!

It all started with this awesome model of a Portal Turret on 


Then, feeling inspired, I suggested to the SolidWorks community – via GrabCAD, Twitter, and Facebook – that we take on the significant challenge of modelling one (or both) of the Co-op mode bots from Portal 2 in SolidWorks.


Using Dropbox to collaborate, Scott Bruins (the creator of the turret model), Sam Corner (another SolidWorks community member) and myself started gathering reference images and other materials for the project.  Then we each got to work on separate sections of the ‘bots.  About five non-stop hours later, here’s our progress:



Check back for frequent updates, and share your feedback.  Also, if you’d like to join the project, let me know.