Join the BANSWUG team for this year’s Boston Heart Walk!

Dear friends,


This year, the Boston Area North SolidWorks User Group (BANSWUG) has made a commitment to help raise funds for lifesaving science. The funds won’t go into someone’s back pocket. They’ll go to real, human hearts, like mine – and help keep them beating. But, just like my heart needed the help of caring doctors and nurses in 2011, I can’t do it alone. I need the support of our amazing SolidWorks community.  Please, join my team, or donate to the cause. Together, we’ll raise donations that will directly impact the lives of millions – and maybe someone you love (like me!). Register now to join my team or chip in at You’ll have a ton of fun, and you’ll help save lives!

If you’re in the Boston area, I urge you to join BANSWUG members at the walk on September 8th.  Being a walker is fun and easy. The American Heart Association provides great tools and tips, including your own personal fundraising page where you can solicit donations quickly online, and help us reach our goal! But don’t worry, you can participate even if you are unable to be at the walk in person. Simply head over to our team page and click “Donate to this Team.”  So join us in supporting the AHA’s funding of life changing and lifesaving research and educational programs at the same time.

Register to walk with us or donate through the link below!

Boston Heart Walk

September 8, 2018 @ 9:00am

DCR Hatch Shell

47 David G. Mugar Way

Boston, MA 02108



Thank you, I look forward to seeing you at the walk this year!


With heart,

Daniel Herzberg

President, BANSWUG

The Possible Project is Looking for Volunteers!

12-18-2014 2-09-26 PM

Hi Boston friends!

The Possible Project is looking for volunteers! If you like working with kids, and know a thing or two about SolidWorks, Adobe Illustrator, Manufacturing/Making (such as laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, heat presses, etc.), or are just interested in helping some young entrepreneurs start a successful small business, we need you!

A few friends and I have been working with The Possible Project for about a year now, but due to various life changes, none of are able to give this great program the time it deserves. We’re looking for volunteers in the Boston area who can help out at least once a week after work in their Kendall Square makerspace (believe it or not, there’s even free parking!)

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, send me a message. You can find more info on the Project here: And if you’re not from Boston, don’t worry. TPP may soon be expanding to your city!

New Orleans, LA – April 2015

Highlights from my visit to the Crescent City.

MHzStudios String Art for Sale

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided I need some kind of outlet for creative projects, so I’m going to attempt to make and sell these state string art pieces that have been such as big hit as gifts for my family.

I’ve developed an Esty store (, but since these wall hangings have so many customization options, I’ve also developed a commission form ( which allows buyers to customize their individual piece to their own personal style, before it’s made-to-order by me.

Take a look at just a few examples of the products I’ve made so far.

If you’re interested in these beautiful products, I promise to make you an amazing piece of art by hand that can be customized specifically for you, and displayed with pride for years to come.

Not interested in a piece right now? No problem! Just help me make this little experiment a success by spreading the word, offering business advice, or just leaving some words of encouragement.


Printing Press Movable Type Collage

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The Possible Project and SolidWorks Modeling for Total Beginners

12-18-2014 2-09-26 PM

For the last couple months I’ve been volunteering my time at a wonderful organization called The Possible Project. This group teaches public high school students business and manufacturing skills, enabling them to start and run their own businesses. They also develop partnerships with local businesses, to expose the students to real-world industry.

I’ve been involved in developing a curriculum to teach SolidWorks to these students who have never been exposed to CAD modeling. I developed the training presentation below, and wanted to get some feedback from the SolidWorks community. If you like it, feel free to use it!


Happy New Year! The Best Year-End Recaps, Remixes, and Roundups to Ring in 2014

Best of Bootie 2013


A collection of mashups of the hottest songs of the year, from the most well-known DJs in the underground bootleg circuit. These tracks are available individually, or as a continuous mix for you amateur spinners. Check out the archives going all the way back to 2005.

United State of Pop 2013 – Living the Fantasy


 DJ Earworm is THE definitive mashup artist these days. If you ever find yourself needing to hear every hit song of the past year within five minutes, you know where to go. 

YouTube Rewind


The first of several videos that attempt to compress the events of the past year into five minutes of comedy gold.

Google Zeitgeist


A little less comedy, and a lot more emotion went into this 90-second video about live, love, death, and humanity in 2013. The spot plugs the infoporn Valhalla of Google Zeitgeist 2013. From here, you can explore Google’s wealth of data on the year’s top searches around the globe, or in your hometown.

JibJab’s Year in Review

JibJab started their hilarious yearly recap back in 2005, and still manage to cram dozens of global events into their ~2-minute videos. They definitely require more than one viewing. Going back to watch previous year’s installments seriously shifts your perception of time (was the iPhone really just released in 2007?!)

Big Fat Quiz of the Year


If you prefer looking back at the year’s events from across the pond, don’t miss this year’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year, featuring a (mostly) British panel of contestants answering questions about the year’s doings in a Pub-Quiz format.

We got a new stove today


Massachusetts String Art Project

I found some great inspiration for a simple, inexpensive weekend art project recently, and I decided to go full steam ahead. Here’s how I created this gorgeous Massachusetts string wall art panel.

2013-04-14 17.42.14

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Moving to WordPress

Ever since my old blogging platform, Posterous, was bought out by Twitter, their service has gone straight downhill. Now I know why. Turns out they’re been preparing to shut down their services, to “focus 100% of our efforts on Twitter.” Lame.

So now you can find all my posts here at, powered by WordPress (which is so much better). Here’s to the future!