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Call for SolidWorks World Top Ten List Data


Hi all,

I’m trying to pull together to data on SolidWorks World Top Ten Lists of years past. I want to put up a permanent page on the site with a running tally of what’s been implemented, and what’s still missing.

However, I can only find data back to 2009. If you have any older records, or just a good memory, please add them to the table here, or comment below. I’ll be sure to give you a shout-out when the page goes live.

EDIT: Tom Smith has helped immensely by providing data back to 2002. At this point, unless anyone knows otherwise, I’ll assume that’s as far back as I can go. At this point, I mostly need help determining when the requested features were implemented. Also, in some cases, I may need help figuring out what the requests actually mean (especially those that could only be found on German-language websites). Again, this is where people with first-hand knowledge would be extra helpful. Again, anyone willing to donate a little brainpower gets a shoutout and a link whenever possible.!2798&authkey=!ACSR5Ay2GlP10gw



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