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Accessibility Enhancements: @JeffMirisola Wins victory for the colorblind


An accessibility change which has been championed for years by SolidWorks blogger and Man-stuck-on-the-wrong-coast, Jeff Mirisola, has finally arrived in SolidWorks 2014. From the What’s New document:

“An updated color scheme for certain icons makes the SolidWorks application more accessible to people with color blindness.
Icons in the active PropertyManager use blue to indicate what you must select on the screen; faces, edges, and so on. Adding blue to the icons provides a sharp contrast in colors so that people with color blindness can distinguish one icon from another.
Along with style updates to the main elements of the SolidWorks user interface, there is a new, more readable font.”
6-25-2013 10-59-03 AM

Congrats, Jeff. You finally did it. Now get back to work.

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