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2014 What’s New – Chapter 7: Configurations


The few enhancements covered in the Configurations chapter of the SolidWorks 2014 What’s New document are listed here, although most have already found a home in other chapters.

Honorable Mentions

Additional Properties for Toolbox Components

Three new properties – Part Name, Standard, and Specification – have been populated into many Toolbox components. These properties are read-only, and can not be changed by the user. Any of these properties can be added to a drawing or assembly BOM to add information and clarity.


Applying Configurations to Equations

“The ability to apply configurations to equations and global variables is enhanced. You can configure equations and global variables in the same way as you configure dimensions.”

This means that you can either suppress and unsuppress equations in various configurations, or choose which configurations that equation is applied to. You can also apply variations to a scale factor, a Global Variable, or even the unit of measure.


 Selecting Configurations from the Context Toolbar

Yes, we’ve seen this before in the assemblies chapter, but it makes sense that it’s also listed under configurations. To recap, when you select a component or subassembly in the graphics area of an assembly, the context toolbar will display a drop-down menu of all the available configurations. Selecting an entry from this drop-down will instantly change the configuration. No more digging into the properties menu!

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